Project Rescue

It’s a common problem. An organisation decides to “become agile” so sends their developers and management on various courses from which they dutifully return clutching their paper certificates. The  teams start to implement the agile process that they have learned, but things don’t quite turn out as planned. Reality starts to bite. Things don’t get done. Iterations begin to unravel. Products break. All this despite the promise of “agile hyper-productivity”.

Here at Thirsty Bear Software we have the skills to rescue agile teams that are underperforming. Combining the assessment, coaching and facilitation services allows us to assess a team’s problems and recommend a series of actions that will improve the situation. We can then coach the team, gradually bringing them back on track. The process is iterative, taking small steps and making many small improvements over the weeks. We also teach the team tools and techniques that will allow them to identify and self-correct problems in the future.